Today my friend told me the most amazing thing.

He’s helping to compose a score for a theatre show being put on at our uni by this INSANELY creative man (who is also our head of Tech).
This, in itself, is quite amazing, because when you hear the things he writes you feel all melted and crazy inside.

That’s only when you can hear them.

What they’re doing is lowering the sound below a level that is actually audible to most human ears. Which would be counter-productive, one would think? No. Not even slightly.
It can be heard by younger people, but only just- something about our sense of hearing being more perceptive to lower noises when we are little. So young people will hear these incredible melodies, and that’s cool.


But everyone else will feel them.

Yeah. FEEL them. Apparently if they release the music at that low volume and at the right pressure then they can manipulate what the human body will feel from the soundwaves despite the fact that they can hear nothing.

It blew my tiny mind. 

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